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How to Decorate with Christmas Ornaments
The sale of the Official 2017 Christmas ornaments supplier China is intended for individuals to add to their personal collections. Any individual or organization wanting to purchase the ornament for resale must register a wholesale account on our website. The Association reserves the right to limit quantities, refuse orders, and/or cancel orders at its discretion.
Here at Valley View Farms, we know a thing or two about Christmas.  We've been Christmas enthusiasts since, well, almost day one. Three years after we opened as a small roadside produce stand, we ventured into the Christmas biz selling ornaments on consignment.  We had such a passion for the season that, here we are 50+ years later, one of the largest, most awe-inspiring Christmas shops in the country.
To us, Christmas is much more than just a day in late December when presents mysteriously appear under a tree; it’s the magical journey we take to get there. Our ride into Christmas actually begins in August (if you can believe it) when we move our spring garden displays to make way for over 125 decorated Christmas trees. Working under a canopy of 50,000 twinkling lights, our talented elves shape, light, and decorate the trees in themes such as Ravens, Orioles, Gingerbread, Grinch, and Old World Christmas. Our selection of over 6,000 holiday ornaments and gifts are guaranteed to appeal to young and old alike.  We have everything you need to bring the spirit of the season into your home – artificial, fresh cut, and live Christmas trees; artificial and fresh cut wreaths and garland; lights; ornaments; and gifts.