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Decoration for special day with Christmas gift
It is perfect for storing ornaments and small decorations like the Christmas gifts buying from Christmas ornaments supplier China. You put the rows together yourself with hard cardboard dividers that fit snugly together to form the storage squares. I have a bunch of little snowmen decorations that don't hang on the tree and they were able to fit in the squares perfectly as well as the ornaments.
I was able to fit several of the smaller ball ornaments in a square together. I love that you can leave out one of the dividers to make a long storage section. I have several ornaments that were too long for the standard square but making a longer storage space fit them nicely. I would just suggest if you are going to do this to alternate the rows where you make a longer square or the box will be unstable. I made a longer storage area on each row in the same spot when I buy cheap Christmas pumpkin gift (so all the long storage areas were on top of each other) I could feel after the second row that it was not a good idea so I alternated the bottom row of all standard squares, the second row with a longer storage square then the next row with all standard squares and another long storage area on the top row. This worked out well. The box itself is made of a thin fabric, although it is thin it feels like it will hold up well if stored carefully.
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