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Adorable Christmas gift nutcracker
My grandma is a huge fun of various Christmas gifts and I would like to buy her every year with different one from Christmas ornaments supplier China. Today I get some as a gift for her birthday and she would be absolutely delighted with this nut cracker.
I like the design of this type of nut cracker for its cute model. The candy theme is adorable and it came packaged very well. I know prior reviews complained about the figure being damaged but I had no issues with mine. My grandma loves it so much and she decided to collect it. She would collect nutcrackers from around the world once she has the chance, whether from gifts or she buy cheap Christmas pumpkin gift by herself. Anywhere she goes (or her husband goes), they keep a look out for nutcrackers. This one is quite handsome, the facial features are near perfection and the colors are bright and clear. They purchased this from regarcion and then less than three days later it was a lightning deal for much cheaper.
A beautiful nutcracker that I am proud to display in my grandma’s collection and a wonderful company who stands by their pricing policies. Couldn't be happier on either front for this time’s Christmas tree shape craft wholesale