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Electronic commerce and the short circuit of a flag

China's first C2M electricity necessary mall, issued a blockbuster product in early November, the joint of geely, geely panda car, costs a mere $39999. This in traditional sales channel price as high as 4.5 to 55000 yuan, in the absence of large-scale advertising, online in a short time for necessary mall attracted more than 20 times in the past visits. How is such a big gap between? Is that still have to speak of from the pattern of necessary mall.


C2M mean consumer to manufactory, that is, the consumer directly to manufacturers. C2M unlike C2B further shortening of demand and supply path, shrinks to the fullest. C2B is directly to merchants and consumers are among this hurdle, and C2M is further extension of C2B, weakening the dominant role of electric business platform, strengthen its bridge, give greater autonomy to the consumer and the manufacturer.


China is a commodity circulation power, is also a logistics power, more retail power. In the supply and demand both sides derived too many links, too detailed service, goods have changed in the process of circulation was the value of the attribute. A piece of clothing or cosmetics, from the moment the factory, through layer upon layer distribution to retail, eventually into consumers' hands, ten times eight times the rise is very normal things. And even before they go out, the manufacturer for sales promotion and inventory costs, also have been added to the ex-factory price of, and these have to do with the goods actual productivity and raw material costs. A product to consumers in the hands of the longer on his way home, consumers will pay more for its cost, this is obvious.


C2M mode, in the presence of foreign support this mode is the core of the theory of supply and demand have shorten the paths, the shorter the better, so also known as short circuit of the economy. Actually our life belongs to the category of short circuit economy also has a lot of elements, such as group purchase, the purchase of origin, batch purchasing, etc., compared with the traditional commodity circulation, the economic behavior is relatively shorter, producers and sellers can save more cost, so consumers can get more affordable price. But necessary mall this pattern, it is the short circuit economy perfectly, not only to eliminate the circulation, also eliminate inventory, consumers don't have to face the grandiose marketing and advertising campaigns, is a more instinctive quality direct docking of supply and demand of economic behavior.


From the perspective of manufacturer, the supply and demand chain whether short or long, has no influence on the final profit margins. Necessary mall sales of geely panda cars, while that of traditional channel sales from 5000 to 15000 yuan cheaper cars, but producers pay storage, distribution, promotion, publicity, the cost of circulation, as it happens and offset. Keeps the same profit margin, return the money to save to the consumer, value position is highlighted.


In this super short supply chain, the consumer is a winner, at very low price to buy the right goods, this shop around than after experience gained by the best consumption decisions, is more than one level higher. In fact, many consumers overseas to buy luxury goods, country of origin is China, raw material and manufacturing cost is not much, the title of top designer go out to turn around, price is over one hundred times one thousand times. Mall is necessary for the world's top luxury products manufacturers, with production of a set of raw materials, technology and quality standard of luxury goods, produce the same as the luxury goods quality products for consumers, to just above the cost of very low selling prices and the value of parts, also can let a person see very well.


Even cars, necessary category only seven of the current online mall, there are men and women, shoes, boots, sportswear, glasses, bags, etc., adopts the model of consumer direct docking manufacturers C2M, prices are low to the point of incredible. Category is the key reason for the quality control, less to on the source of good quality, this is C2M pattern essential for survival and development. Not only that, but also provides the necessary mall, the manufacturer's product cannot have high profits, need to draw the profits.


Current are in the market cultivation period, manufacturers have used to this game for a period of time, consumers also want to this way different from the traditional forms of consumption has a receiving process. Bridge for intermediate role of shopping mall and necessary of short circuit realized by C2M economy vigorously, therefore also need more newer style, to carry on this concept. In this chain of supply and demand, manufacturers sell goods, consumers benefit, necessary mall become a bridge between supply and demand, is a win-win-win situation.


The only disappointment is commodity circulation system, necessary mall through innovation mode sharply cut the supply and demand of the intermediate links, and so on get the intermediate links should have the interests, between the consumer and the manufacturer. The significance of tradition and innovation, is will appear one day in the future, because this kind of mode to create value in many ways, but more to promote circulation system behind the role of change.


Necessary mall is the world's first practice C2M theory platform, and in 2015, during the period of preparation, also get the so-called ache of Oscar award in the field of global electricity affirmation, won the world of business model innovation category. Necessary mall as a pathfinder, persevering in leading C2M electric business model came to the front.


The current in the age of change, on the eve of the manufacturing industry is undergoing profound changes. That drive the pattern of demand will decline, by production to demand the production of new concept will be into a prairie fire. Once the wave up, means that the production will be towards the era of personalization, large-scale industrial production process will be the introduction of intelligent manufacturing, according to the personalized needs of consumers, through efficient and low-cost way of modular smart, even can produce each consumer exclusive products. And necessary to the emergence of the mall, the right to stand in the wisdom accident on the eve of the tide rise, become the industry of electronic commerce and short circuit the banner of the economy.